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Having Angela at my side makes my life easier. As she deals with everything, I write and connect with my readers in my own time. I would be lost without her.

Abby Gale

I’ve worked with Jenny for several of my stories and she always gives useful feedbacks that improve the flow of the sentence/paragraph as well as provides comments that help make the story better, such as things that may be confusing to a reader. She catches inconsistencies in my character developments and she’s always quick on her turn-around period.

Sophia Peony

I haven't had the best luck with editors in the past and was honestly reluctant to search again. My PA (Angela Evans) pointed me to Jenny and I was NOT disappointed! She communicates constantly when working on something, leaves detailed notes and reactions to the story, and provides me with alternative words if one I used just isn't working. I am so incredibly happy that I was put in contact with her, and look forward to working with her in the future!

Jessica Wayne


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