About Our Team

Hello, I’m Jenny Dillion. I ensure your book is the best it can be.

I have had the opportunity to work with many International Award-Winning authors who are on the USA or Amazon Best Seller List. Working with my authors to ensure that their work is the best it can be, prior to publication, is my number 1 priority.

My several years of experience as a freelance editor include working on novelettes, newsletters, anthologies, novellas, as well as full-length novels. I pride myself on being professional and holding my author’s personal information in the utmost privacy. I meet every deadline with care while giving 100% of myself to each project and often come in ahead of schedule.

Hi, I’m Angela Evans and I love helping others succeed.

My work at Prologue & Prose, LLC allows me to connect authors with readers and help authors reach their goals. We tend to use the term metamorphosis, bring your business and platform to the next level.
I currently work with only indie authors but I know that with the right tools and drive anyone can become the next USA Today or NY Times Best Seller.

 By working with author’s, my goal is to navigate the trials of marketing, social media, building author platforms, and finding your audience to ensure that from the start every author is set up for success. To achieve these goals I work one – on – one with authors and offer free resources on this site to ensure that everyone has a chance at success.

My creativity in this business shines brightest when I am working on discovering new and innovative ways to bring your business to the next level. I may not have the most experience, but my philosophy in life is never stop learning. There had never been a task that I am unwilling to attempt when given the opportunity.  My own personal creativity is shown in my writing as well as the #bookstagram photos.

On most days I am up before the sun plotting world domination, cuddling with my fur babies and a good book, or connecting authors and readers in any way I can.