I use MLA or APA Writing Style with the inclusion of Oxford Commas.

Edits are the intellectual property of the editor until the editing service is paid for in full. All editing services require PayPal invoices (with PayPal fees) to be paid in full before edits are emailed to the author.

All editing services do not require a down payment. However, if an author is a ‘no-show’ for a scheduled editing services, they will then be charged a down-payment fee of $20 for Novellas (less than 30K) and $50 for all other novels, to secure a date on my calendar. This down payment will be deducted from the final cost of edits.

Manuscript File Specification

English language only
File Type: Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx)
Page Size: 8.5×11″
Pages Margins: Set to 1″ on all 4 sides left, right, top and bottom.
Font Type: Times New Roman
Spacing : Double or 1.5

Sample Editing

Free for 5 thousand words Turn around time 3-5 days

Get a taste of my service by requesting a SAMPLE. Specify which service you wish to sample.

Copy Editing/Proofreading

$0.0025 per word      Turn around time 3-6 days

Proofreading is a basic word-by-word edit that addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues.

  • Check for typographical errors, spelling errors, and consistency aspects, correction of grammatical and linguistic errors, attention to punctuations.
  • Proofreading includes two rounds of edits. After the first round, authors are allowed to return the file, for another round of edits.

Line Editing

$0.0045 per word       Turn around time 7-10 days

Line editing is a more intensive structural edit that focuses on the finer aspects of language—the flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style. Grammar, usage, and consistency issues are also addressed.

  • Correction of awkward constructions and suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter by fixing redundancy.
  • Review of key aspects of the manuscript—the narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterization, style, and development.
  • Editor notes and suggestions, along with possible teaser lines.
  • Line editing includes two rounds of edits. After the first round, the author can make changes and then send it back to the editor for a second round.
  • Line edits also include the option of a video conference to go over all edits.

Developmental Editing

$0.006 per word      Turn around: 10-14 days

Developmental editing offers specific suggestions about the core intentions and goals of your manuscript. As well as the underlying premise, the story, and character development. The use of dialogue and sensory description, the polish, narrative voice, pacing, style, and language, are all examined during developmental edits.

Items that are examined during developmental edits are:

Plot holes or gaps

All Developmental editing services include a video conference to go over all edits. Developmental edits include only one round of edits. It is not advised to use the same editor for other editing services, after developmental edits. Developmental edits is such a detailed editing process that often looking at the same file repeatedly can cause inaccuracies. It is recommended to have any developed stories to be edited by another set of eyes.

Payment is due once service is rendered and paid via Paypal. Admin fee: 3.5% (US authors), 4.5% (International authors).