Virtual Assistance

Hi, I’m Angela Evans and I love helping others succeed.

My work at Prologue & Prose, LLC allows me to connect authors with readers and help authors reach their goals. We tend to use the term metamorphosis, bring your business and platform to the next level.

I currently work with only indie authors but I know that with the right tools and drive anyone can become the next USA Today or NY Times Best Seller.  By working with author’s, my goal is to navigate the trials of marketing, social media, building author platforms, and finding your audience to ensure that from the start every author is set up for success. To achieve these goals I work one – on – one with authors and offer free resources on this site to ensure that everyone has a chance at success.

My creativity in this business shines brightest when I am working on discovering new and innovative ways to bring your business to the next level. I may not have the most experience, but my philosophy in life is never stop learning. There had never been a task that I am unwilling to attempt when given the opportunity.  My own personal creativity is shown in my writing as well as the bookstagram photos. On most days I am up before the sun plotting world domination, cuddling with my fur babies and a good book, or connecting authors and readers in any way I can.

 Payment is due before service is rendered and paid via Paypal


à la carte

  • Graphics Package: I will create five unique and simple graphics. Perfect for ads and book promotion. Cost: $55
  • Social Media Package:  I will create and share 20 unique social media posts on both Twitter and Facebook. This is broken down into 7 quote graphics, 7 questions, and 6 article posts unless otherwise requested. It does NOT include social media interaction (responding to messages, following accounts, etc). Cost: $100
  • Instagram Package:  I will create 10 new images for the author’s Instagram channel. The images will be unique and feature relevant books. It does NOT include social media interaction (responding to messages, following accounts, etc). Cost: $150


Rate: $40 an hour (minimum of four hours per calendar month. Hours do not transfer from month to month). Admin fee: 3.5% (US authors), 4.5% (International authors). Below are the services that I can provide.

Admin Support

  • Amazon Author Central page creation and management (US, UK, France, Japan, Germany)
  • Create and manage author/promotional calendar
  • Set up distribution for ebooks with Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple, and Draft2Digital
  • Set up distribution for print books with Amazon Print, Barnes and Noble, and IngramSpark
  • Newsletter (via ConvertKit, Mailerlite, or others)
  • Blog  (I can post content, create content, and create a blog calendar)
  • Bookkeeping (Author KDP platform, Draft2Digital and Bookreport)
  • Website (I can recommend suggestions for improving your website and make many of them myself.)

Contest/Book Releases

  • Brainstorm new ideas for contests/book releases
  • Create contest and post to blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Maintain contest and promote contest via social media
  • Sort entries, select winners and deliver prizes

Craft Support

  • Beta reading
  • Plotting Assistance (Sometimes you need a person to bounce ideas off of and talk things through with. I can help you work out problems as you need.)


  • Organize e-mail via your guidelines
  • Respond to general questions
    • FAQ information, direct requests for events/promotions to the right people, etc.
    • Manage fan mail


  • Run free and countdown promotions via Kindle Select
  • Run and manage AMS and Facebook Ads
  • Run sale promotions
  • Create and manage an author street team
  • Create and manage a book launch/review team
  • Brainstorm marketing ideas and implement them

Promotional Mailing

  • Send out review or gift books
  • Send out prizes to winners from contests
  • I can go to the post office so you don’t have to

Payment is due before service is rendered and paid via PayPal