Author Assistance

The Ultimate Author Platform Strategy

Need a step by step guide on how to make create the perfect social media platform? Look no further!

I’ll do a complete market analysis of you author brand, business, and goals to come up with a plan of action to bring you to the next level. This plan will help you stay focused, reach your target audience, and help you be discovered by your ideal readers.

  1. Step by Step guide on how to create a social media platform
  2. Step by Step guide on how to create an Author business plan
  3. Analytic Review of current social media platforms
  4. Competitive Analysis
  5. Creation or review of a Branding Board/Style Guide
  6. One-on-One strategy session to discuss long-term goals, tactics, and platforms for success
  7. 10 Custom social media graphic templates
  8. Custom targeted hashtag strategy
  9. a platform strategy optimization for most influential platform
  10. Engagement coaching
  11. Automation coaching
  12. How to use a blog to engage people on your site and add content for social

This one time investment to set up the foundation for for a successful Author Platform starts at $1200

Rates: $30 per hour with a minimum of a two hour requirement. Payment is due once service is rendered and paid via Paypal. Admin fee: 3.5% (US authors), 4.5% (International authors).

à la carte

  • Graphics Package: I will create five unique and simple graphics. Perfect for ads and book promotion. Cost: $30
  • Social Media Package:  I will create and share 20 unique social media posts on both Twitter and Facebook. This is broken down into 7 quote graphics, 7 questions, and 6 article posts unless otherwise requested. It does NOT include social media interaction (responding to messages, following accounts, etc). Cost: $100
  • Instagram Package:  I will create 10 new images for the author’s Instagram channel. The images will be unique and feature relevant books. It does NOT include social media interaction (responding to messages, following accounts, etc). Cost: $50

Available Upon Request

  • Build Email Lists
  • Website Optimization
  • Newsletter and Blog Ghostwriting, Building and Optimization
  • Specialized Social Content: Video, Live Video, Twitter Chat, Contests, etc.

Administrative Support

Finding that time you need to write while leaving all the daily administrative tasks to me.

Packages starting at $400 per month
  • Create and manage author/promotional calendar
  • Newsletter (via ConvertKit, Mailerlite, Mailchimp, or others)
  • Blog (I can post content, create content, and create a blog calendar)
  • Bookkeeping (Author KDP platform, Draft2Digital, and Bookreport)
  • Create contest and post to a blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media
  • Maintain contest and promote contest via social media
  • Sort entries, select winners and deliver prizes
  • Organize e-mail via your guidelines
  • Respond to general questions FAQ information, direct requests for events/promotions to the right people, etc.
  • Promotional Mailing Send out review or gift books
  • Send out prizes to winners from contests

Social Media Strategy

As you Social Media Strategist, I will work with you and examine overarching goals, create a plan designed to build your audience and boost engagement to help underpin social marketing.

Packages before at $500 per month (price varies based on number of social media platform)
  • Content creation
  • Graphics creation
  • Platform Research in order to create the most advantageous content
  • Monthly analytics reporting
  • On-going strategy development

Ad Management

Get your words out there to the public. You have taken the time to write the words, let me take care of the rest.

Book Bub, Amazon Marketing, and Facebook Ads can be time consuming and down right frustrating for those that don’t know the ins and out. You need to have the correct strategies in order to ensure you can convert those ad dollars into sales. That’s where I come in!

I only take one a few Ad management clients to ensure that I can provide the highest level of service and pay attention to detail.

Packages begin at $600 per month (ad spending is an additional cost).